Overused bandwidth and infected computers are just two of the headaches caused by unmanaged Web use in the workplace. Barracuda Web Security Flex™, a cloud-based Web filtering and security service, makes it easy to find problems caused by user behavior and to create policies for conserving bandwidth, preventing malware attacks and controlling content access. As a cloud-based service with flexible deployment options, Barracuda Web Security Flex is the easy and affordable way to manage Web access even at highly-distributed organizations needing to manage large numbers of remote users off the network.

The Barracuda Email Security Service is a comprehensive and affordable cloud-based email security service that protects both inbound and outbound email against the latest spam, viruses, worms, phishing and denial of service attacks. Barracuda Email Security Service also includes email encryption and Data Loss Prevention features.

Spam and viruses are blocked in the cloud prior to delivery to the customer, providing additional Denial of Service protection. In addition, cloud-based filtering offloads any processing required for spam and virus filtering from the email server.